Jason Bowman
Empty Property Rates Consultant
0115 8411137
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Jason Bowman


I’m a versatile and enthusiastic individual and I enjoy working within the Team at FHP.  My previous role saw me deal with professionals across various different sectors including solicitors, accountants, surveyors, doctors and dentists meeting face to face and speaking on the phone.

I am able to put this experience into effect as part of the Business Rates Team at FHP.

Current Role

My role is to liaise with old and new clients helping to mitigate business rates they are paying.  This is with a particular focus on the empty property rates scheme we offer which can generate significant savings.

I enjoy the daily interaction with clients across the Country and find it rewarding when clients are pleased with the savings I have helped generate for them.


I am interested in music, food and travelling.  I enjoy cooking and like to eat healthily.  I travel as much as possible and regularly attend music festivals all over the world.

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