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Steve Bicknell

“When I was at the Valuation Office I always admired FHP because they were one of the few agents who would actually value the property rather than chance the system as many did. I am now excited to be part of their team.”


I am what some people might call a business rates geek and perhaps with good reason, having worked for the Valuation Office for 31 years!  During my time with them I was responsible for not only setting the basis of valuation for many properties in our region but I also dealt with large volumes of appeals on all sorts of property ranging from standard shops and offices to the more unusual properties such as car washes and livery stables.

Working and being successful within the Valuation Office Agency for so many years taught me to work in a methodical manner which, when combined with a strong eye for detail, meant that it saw me often being allocated the more complex valuations.  I also regularly appeared at Valuation Tribunal.

Now that I am working in private practice, I believe that my knowledge and experience in setting and defending Rateable Values will stand me in good stead and help achieve results that others without this knowledge would not be able to.

Current Role

  • Advising our national Shopping Centre clients on how best to reduce their business rate liabilities.  This is through a combination of Empty Rate Mitigation and also traditional appeal work that includes challenging the more trickier valuations such as Mall assessments.
  • Advising a number Fire Authorities in relation to their business rate liabilities.
  • Appealing clients Rateable Values and generating significant savings on a wide variety of properties.



In my spare time I play football and listen to music (not at the same time!) with my artists of the moment being Nina Kravitz and Amelie Lens.


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