By following market trends and having a clear understanding of the market, we're able to properly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any potential investment deal with a view to answering the 64 thousand dollar question: ‘Is it a good deal?’

Our expertise in Development Consultancy and Fund and Asset Management, along with our day-to-day agency roles have naturally developed into an excellent understanding of the relationship between the property and investment markets. We are always seeking to create value for our clients through good quality investment opportunities. In fact, FHP is now recognised as one of the most active investment players in the region.

From the outset, we strive to fully understand our clients’ needs and values — investment in property is a very personal subject and understanding your preferences and concerns is critical.

We act for financial institutions and property companies, but more regularly for private individuals. Whatever the nature of the deal — from long-term, safe opportunities to deals with more risk — we always seek to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the underlying property deal. We’re not afraid to advise you against a purchase if we feel it’s the right decision. Our advice can also be countercyclical; a sector that’s in vogue isn’t necessarily the best value, so we judge each individual deal on its merits.

We provide forward and creative thinking at the same time as creating value, and we always do so using our understanding of tenant demand, the ability to regear a lease and knowledge of what may be happening within the area. If we offer a creative suggestion, it will be linked to market knowledge and backed up by our expertise in the field, so you know you won’t be taking any unnecessary risks.

  • We tend to average between £30 million – £50 million sales / acquisitions per annum
  • Experience in structuring pre-fund deals, both pre-let and when the market allows new developments

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