FHP’s dedicated Management Team is one of the largest Property Management Teams in the region.

FHP’s Property Management Department is one of the largest property managers in the East Midlands. We manage all property types, including both commercial and residential functions, with a diverse portfolio of properties and clients.

Providing a management service closely integrated with FHP’s other property services, we are able to provide our management clients with the benefit of in-house solutions and give advice to all property or occupier related issues, often adding value through this joined up team approach.

We regularly inspect properties and engage with occupiers, giving us an up to date insight into their requirements and issues, as well as opportunities.

Property Management Services

Our extensive services cover all aspects of Property Management, helping landlords add value to their investments and tenants get the best from the property.

Rent Collection and Reporting

We collect and report on the rent, banking it and transferring funds to you. We can raise demands on your behalf, and collect, allocate and transfer the proceeds. This includes arrears chasing, arrears recovery, lease forfeiture, and a bailiff service.

Service Charge Admin and Recovery

We calculate and collect a service charge from managed blocks and commercial premises to pay for communal services. We can arrange contractual works and services and authorise payments on them, and we provide year-end expenditure and transparent accounting to tenants.

Service Charge Consultancy

If we’re not Agents on a site, we can advise on service charge issues.

Property Inspection and Maintenance

We carry out rigorous inspections on behalf of the landlord, making sure contractors are supplying the correct services and tenants are taking care of the property. We produce a thorough report of recommendations, and if the landlord has any repair obligations, we can arrange these.

Landlord and Tenant Relations

We act as intermediary on a wide range of matters, such as rent payments, insurance options, health and safety compliance and ensuring tenants are abiding by the terms of the lease. We also act as a point of contact for tenants who have requests to make alterations, or change their payment terms.

Insurance Cover and Compliance

We handle all types of insurance cover, including buildings, public liability, infrastructure, lift engineering and directors’ insurance. We always make sure our clients take out the correct cover to comply with their lease obligations, and protect their investments. This is particularly relevant to empty properties, when insurance terms can carry strict conditions.

Asset Value Enhancement

To help enhance the value of your investment we carry out Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals, and look at opportunities for lease regearing, reconfiguring premises, attracting better tenants and identifying expansion space. We also look at how the property could be managed better.

Utility Management

We make sure you get best value from all your suppliers through a rigorous tendering process. We can help with installation of new services, checking bills and meter readings and providing carbon reduction advice.

Statutory Compliance

There are many obligations with being a landlord, from emergency plans to health and safety legislation. These are subject to frequent change, and we can keep you up to date with all requirements, so you aren’t at risk for compensation claims.

Property Management