FHP's Commercial Property Management team look after the commercial property interests of over 150 clients in the region, engaging in constructive relationships with more than 1,000 of their tenants, to maximize use and value of the properties.

The Commercial Property Management team manage all commercial property types, predominantly in the East Midlands region.

We provide services for Property Companies, Developers, Private Clients and Management Infrastructure Clients.

We currently administer and collect a rent roll in excess of £16 million for our clients, and annual service charge funds in excess of £3 million for services procured on behalf of our tenants. We believe in open and transparent communication with both clients and occupiers visiting premises on a regular basis.

Retail & Leisure

Our cost control and accurate forecasting ensures our tenants have no ‘surprises’ and a degree of certainty on their occupational costs.  This also enables our clients to budget with some confidence for any non-recoverable costs.

A good ‘value for money’ service with a history of cost control is of great benefit when our clients look to market any space within their premises.

One of the most recent high profile developments in Derby City Centre in years, Riverlights, incorporates a mix of, hotels, casino, restaurants, and a bus station has provided a real management challenge.  We initially set up the service charge infrastructure and provided maintenance and operational facilities on a day to day basis for the mutual benefit of all occupiers.


Our flexible approach to the management of multi-let offices has ensured our reputation has grown and grown.

We manage a number of high profile multi-occupied offices, and operate flexible and transparent service charge structures tailored to occupational needs .

As occupier profiles change we review service requirements, recoverability and costs to ensure that value for money services are maintained.

Business Park & Industrial Estates

Our open and direct relationships with both our clients and their tenants is applied to all the properties we manage.

We ensure clear and concise information is given to all occupiers on the various services we offer.

Our objective is to deliver a high quality business environment and to offer an adaptive and responsive service as the occupier mix changes and develops on a scheme.  Open lines of communication between our team, our clients and their tenants is vital.

We aim to provide all site occupiers with attractive well maintained common areas as well as site appropriate security services that meet their collective need.


Our practical experience and skills range within the property management team at FHP ensured McAleer & Rushe were confident of our added value for their impressive £60 million mixed-use  Waterfront Plaza development.

We have implemented services that take into account the different requirements of residents, office staff and hotel customers.  When managing mixed-use developments our team can accommodate a 24 hour site life which require both public access and securely control measures.

We can provide advice on the provision of management services at the design and construction phase.  The provision of services and costs at the commencement of marketing benefits the speed with which transactions can progress, and provides transparent

Property Management