At the end of a lease, Dilapidations are often a controversial and costly issue. We provide expert Section 18 advice which illustrates the diminution in value and is integral to any claim.


The purpose of a Section 18 Valuation is to show the negative effect on value as a result of a tenants occupation and their effect on the condition of the building. Therefore, the Valuation provides an in repair and out of repair figure. The difference between these two figures provides a ceiling of value for the dilapidations claim.

A Section 18 Valuation should be provided with every dilapidations schedule served, the implications of which should be understood by both landlords and tenants. Whilst the basic principle of the Section 18 Valuation is simple, the reality can be somewhat different depending upon the individual circumstances of a claim.

Our team are experienced in providing advice to both landlords and tenants, whilst our repertoire extends to the provision of expert advice to the High Court.

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Our involvement in Section 18 Valuations has been for both landlords and tenants including:-

  • London & Cambridge Properties
  • Shakespeares Solicitors
  • Rushcliffe Borough Council
  • Pressac Communications
  • Mileway
  • Buildbase