Jack Nicklaus once famously said that “Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspiration ... and expectation”; and so it has been with the development of the Professional Services Department at FHP. Having grown from one to nine surveyors, the FHP Professional Services Team has a wealth of experience and now provides clients with services across the Professional Services spectrum, ranging from Valuations for a wide variety of purposes to advising upon business rates, compulsory purchase and Rent Review/Lease Renewals to name but a few. Since my arrival at FHP in 1999, I've been privileged to work with not only great colleagues but also some great clients with wonderful senses of humour and incredible levels of humility, despite some truly remarkable success stories. Together they have made me laugh, kept me motivated and have picked me up when times have been tough.

Current Role

  • A mentor and hopefully a source of inspiration to my own team, having quickly learned that you’re only as good as the team around you
  • An advisor to business and entrepreneurs alike in respect of Business Rate liabilities, being happy to accept a challenge wherever that might take me – although even I felt drained after acting for Nissan at a Lands Tribunal hearing that lasted for five days!
  • A member of the Compulsory Purchase Association, I greatly enjoy assisting those finding themselves being compulsorily acquired or affected by a scheme of public works
  • An undertaker of Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals, particularly those that provide plenty of scope to put forward clever arguments
  • Provision of Section 18 valuation advice and provision of expert’s reports, including experience at High Court level


The birth of my daughter, Olivia, was a life-changing event. Now she’s ten years old I find have progressed from assisting with school projects such as building papier-mâché dragons – painted pink with multi-coloured spots, of course – and trying desperately to make various oddments look like the Burj al Arab hotel to being a taxi service. When I’m not being a dad I spend my time supporting my wife in respect of her vintage china hire and ice cream business – – being relegated from boss at work to a lackie performing a whole host of menial tasks. In the time left over I enjoy visiting Old Trafford as often as I can to see Manchester United play – closing my ears to the taunts of colleagues that I am not a real Manchester United fan, given that I was born in Oldham, and contenting myself that at least being educated in a Salford comprehensive I lived far closer to Old Trafford than one of my other colleagues who shares the same passion and is ribbed mercilessly!

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