An office is more than just a piece of property. It affects your business culture, attractiveness as a business as well as having both cost and legal implications.


In over 25 years as a business we have targeted the office sector and during that time we have seen a number of significant changes in the profile of the market.

In the early 1990s we were at the forefront of the out of town office market which continued to grow and strengthen through to the early / mid 2000s.

The growth of the City Centre residential market displaced businesses from their traditional homes in the early 2000s, this trend having been continued with the explosion in student accommodation.

Technology, working practice and office culture has changed and rationalisation of major corporate / professional bodies has seen our region come under attack from major provincial / regional cities.

We run our own business and employ 70 people and through our involvement of offices of all sizes, of both existing and flagship new developments, we would like to think that we not only have the pedigree as market leaders in this sector for more than two decades to provide you with advice on property values but more so the ability to listen and respond to your business’s needs.

So whether you are a Developer, a Landlord or most importantly an occupier (whether it be through ownership or lease) of offices we would like to know you – our dedicated Sales, Lettings and Consultancy Teams can help you, whether you are seeking to sell, let, acquire new premises, reduce your Business Rates or seek advice on a Landlord / Tenant issue (Rent Review / Lease Renewal).