At the heart of FHP are our people.

They are the driving force behind our business and the key to unlocking the best possible results, whatever your property consultancy requirements.
We work in focused teams but share knowledge across the business to give you the maximum benefit of our combined expertise.

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Meet the Team

John Proctor

Director, MRICS07887 787 full profile

David Hargreaves

Director, MRICS07876 396 full profile

Andrew Chapman

Director, MRICS IRRV07887 787 full profile

Alan Pearson

Director, MRICS07876 396 full profile

Rob Spencer

Director, MRICS07876 396 full profile

Tim Gilbertson

Director, MRICS07887 787 full profile

Alastair Fearn

Director, MRICS07917 460 full profile

Mark Tomlinson

Director, MRICS07917 576 full profile

Steve Gillott

Director, FRICS07887 787 full profile

Cameron Butler

Director, MRICS07917 576 full profile

Doug Tweedie

Director, MRICS07887 787 full profile

Phil Daniels

Director, MRICS07976 318269 See full profile

Darran Severn

Director, BSc (Hons)07917 460 full profile

Oliver Marshall

Director, BSc Hons07887 787 full profile

Jack Shakespeare

Director, BSc (Hons) MRICS07817 924 full profile

Mairéad Gethings

Director, BA (Hons) MSc MRICS07917 460 036 full profile

Sian Cawthorne

Director, BSc (Hons) MRICS07917 460 full profile

Tom Wragg

Associate Director07970 168 full profile

Anthony Barrowcliffe

Associate Director, BSc (Hons) MRICS07557 972 full profile

Ian Mitchell

Associate Director, Business Rates Consultant, BA (Hons) IRRV (Tech)07551 170 full profile

Debbie Barker

Compliance and HR Consultant , BSc full profile

Helena Guest

Office Manager & PA0115 950 full profile

Simon Marlow

Property Management Surveyor07557 full profile

Lucy Easeman

Property Management Surveyor07583 full profile

Corbin Archer

Surveyor, BA (Hons)07929 716 full profile

Will Hargreaves

Development Surveyor, BSc (Hons)07973 full profile

Jamie Gilbertson

Surveyor, BSc (Hons)07747 665 full profile

Richard Davison

Facilities full profile

Fiona Young

Business Rates Account full profile

Matthew Ward

Business Rates Account Manager, IRRV (Hons) full profile

Sharon Cooper

PA & Facilities Manager0115 841 full profile

Kirsty Brydges

Property Management Accountant full profile

Jennifer Cooper

Management full profile

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