Jon Marriott
Associate Director
07929 718875
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Jon Marriott

“This is my second stint at FHP, they have a superb reputation, offering the very best property advice in the Midlands, it’s good to be back”


I originally joined FHP back in 2015 in the Derby office, and then rejoined in 2021.  My transfer back into private practice and the welcoming arms of FHP, means that I can do what I love the most, valuing properties around the Midlands, for a variety of clients.

The world has changed, but great property advice is still a fundamental part of the process for businesses and clients. Working back at FHP, has given me the opportunity to join a great team of people.

My previous experience within the public and private sectors, has seen me valuing property around the East Midlands since 2000.  Previously working for a major global property consultancy, I have dealt with a wide variety of commercial and residential properties, from small industrial units to large commercial development schemes. Acting for the major lending institutions, private individuals, property owners and companies, I have an in depth knowledge of the local market and valuation practices.

Current Role

  • Carrying out valuations of commercial and residential properties for a variety of purposes throughout the Midlands.
  • Representing multiple clients in respect of the valuation and professional services FHP has to offer.


I used to profess at enjoying long distance triathlons, i’m not so sure now, but I may give them a whirl next year (training permitting).  I now spend far too much time on my bike, trying to keep up with the young ones I ride with, but I enjoy the freedom that cycling gives me.  Oh, I do have two, not so young children, who have a variety of interests that I have to take them to, and I am married to a wonderful nurse.


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