Debbie Barker
Office Manager, BSc Hons
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Debbie Barker

“I realised soon after meeting Brian Fisher, David Hargreaves and John Proctor in 1997 that these were surveyors who really knew their stuff and had 'fire in their bellies'. They soon earned my full professional respect.”


I am the Associate Director  responsible for the general management of the company . FHP as an employer continually motivates me.

Here, an environment is nurtured that encourages people to work to their strengths and get on with things .

My Business Studies degree centred  on HR and manpower with business administration and some post graduate IT .

This is my focus at FHP and the Directors leave me to make decisions and do the job.

Now, in 2021, strong players across a complete range of services provide a unique selling point for FHP as a business and an environment for me to push forward and manage.

Current Role

My role at FHP is special to me because of the variety of work I get involved in each day; there’s also always something new on the horizon!

Managing IT and communications in a constantly changing world is both challenging and interesting. Looking after people and HR generally is an area I especially like, along with keeping an eye on QA and general management, plus a bit of marketing thrown in.

The freedom I get from John, David and Andrew allows me to get on with the job and use to maximum effect all the skills drawn from my Business degree, life experiences and personality.

I strongly feel that management by motivation and, most of all, by example brings out the best in people and I’m always inspired when I see staff pushing to achieve a bit more for themselves and FHP.

The Support Team at FHP delivers a level of services in a regional practice that would give national offices with large Support Departments a run for their money and I’m very proud of them all.


You could spot me at the local gym (sometimes in the newspapers section!) where I’ve been a member for many years. Spin biking is my thing at the moment and during the summer months I like to get a few games of tennis in along with some cycling and even a game of bowls.

Although I’m definitely a city girl at heart – raised in London and love doing my bit for the retail sector on a Saturday afternoon, I also love a good country hike on a Sunday.

My family and friends mean loads to me and socialising over food and music always goes down well!


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