March 14, 2014


This is my first time out at MIPIM. I’ve got to be honest – I figured I’d end up just meeting the same people I do at home.


In fact, I’ve spent the past few days cementing some very good relationships. On Tuesday night I found myself sitting next to Peter Soulsby, the Mayor Of Leicester, having meaningful conversations about land acquisitions. Back home, it would probably take time just to get through the door.


In a word, MIPIM is fantastic for relationships. Everyone is open to a proper conversation because they need to do business. I bumped into a senior councillor and the interim director from Stoke City Council in the street here and had a long chat with them about the work we’ve been doing with Staffordshire Fire Service and I now know I can pick up the phone and talk to them about our next project.


Some of the events I have attended have been very impressive. Marketing Derby, I think, have put on an exceptional show here. They’ve done an extremely good job in promoting the city and taking a very pragmatic approach.


They are making it clear they want you to come and talk to them and that they will work with you, which is exactly what you want to hear as an agent. Leicester has also been very aggressive about securing investment.


What I’ve seen here out at MIPIM makes me very proud of the whole East Midlands because everybody now knows that it is a region that is open for business.


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