April 8, 2020


In response to COVID -19 much help has been given by the government to ratepayers of occupied commercial property, with new reliefs, exemptions and grants made available, but there is no such help for landlords of empty properties who are expected to continue paying their rates.

FHP can help though.

Depending on the circumstances we can assist you with the following possible approaches in order to reduce or eliminate your empty-rate liability:

  • Deletion of the property from the Valuation List. This can be backdated.
  • Exemption from empty rates during the crisis.
  • Re-setting the clock to obtain a further 3 or 6 month exempt period.
  • Reduction in Rateable Value.
  • Audit of your business rates bills.

Our fees are purely success related and based on the amount we save you. if we do not save you anything, there is no fee.

Please contact the FHP Rates team rates@fhp.co.uk

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