Don't pull down your roller shutter at Lease Renewal — it's the time to engage and improve your position.

At the point of lease renewal, it is FHP’s philosophy that it is better to be proactive than reactive. It is therefore always our advice to open discussions early and serve the relevant Section 25 or Section 26 Notices within the 6-12 month period prior to lease expiry.

A lease renewal gives both the landlord and tenant the opportunity to revise the terms of the lease in the existing market place, rather than within the market that the lease was originally taken.

This can have a numerous effect on the terms such as:

  • Level of rent
  • Length of lease
  • Repair clauses
  • Dilapidations liabilities
  • Landlord and Tenant Act Protection

FHP’s lease renewal team are experts in providing advice to both landlords and tenants on how to plot what can be a tricky and tactical route through a lease renewal procedure ensuring that the terms ultimately agreed are as favourable as possible.

To find out how FHP could help you please contact one of the team below.


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