Whether its a small warehouse or a 'mega shed' the rent is important and we have the knowledge to advise you correctly at Rent Review.

With the market changing, seeing demand rise whilst there is a restriction on supply, we are witnessing an increase in rental values.  This now means that those rent review clauses which have remained covered in dust for the past 7 years are once again becoming relevant for both landlord and tenant.

From a landlord’s perspective, the opportunity is now there to achieve what has been out of grasp – rental growth.  From a tenant’s perspective, the impact of the rent review clause cannot be ignored or taken lightly, because it will impact upon their rental at not only this review but also any forthcoming reviews, or as a starting base for a lease renewal in the future.

At FHP our rent review team are familiar with commercial property rent reviews and are able to draw upon our own knowledge of the market and the foundations laid by our market leading Agency team.

We are experienced in providing expert witness advice if the rent review proceeds to third party determination via an Arbitrator or Expert.

For further information please contact one of the team below.

Meet the Team

Andrew Chapman

Director, MRICS IRRV07887 787 883andrew@fhp.co.ukSee full profile

Alastair Fearn

Director, MRICS07917 460 025alastair@fhp.co.ukSee full profile

Steve Gillott

Director, FRICS07887 787 887steve@fhp.co.ukSee full profile

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