The Valuation of Healthcare properties is a specialist area and one where our team have the necessary expertise.


Because GP surgeries are valued differently to other properties, when a Valuation is required, whether it be because of a partner leaving or entering the practice, to raise finance or any other reason, it is crucial that specialist advice is given.

GP surgeries stand on their own as an asset class, mainly in the way they are funded, but also with the assumptions made regarding the notional rent and any partnership agreement in place.

FHP are experienced in this specialised area, having carried out numerous Valuations for GP’s across the country, providing us with an understanding of the NHS framework.

Our Valuers are all RICS registered and our Valuations are carried out in accordance with the latest RICS guidance.

We are also able to take into account third party leases such as a pharmacy or dentistry within any property.

For further information and for a quote please contact one of the team.

Recent Valuations

In recent years our Valuation instructions have solely been in relation to partners entering or leaving a practice with Valuations recently undertaken in the following locations:-

  • Two surgery practice in rural Lincolnshire as a result of retiring GP’s
  • Large modern Derbyshire practice valued due to a new Partner entering the practice
  • Two Derby suburban practices valued due to a change in Partnership structure
  • Up date Valuation for Nottingham GP practice