Is your Rent Review due? FHP can give your reimbursement level a health check.

The rent reviews on GP surgeries generally occur every three years whether the Landlord is NHS England or a private landlord.

In the case of a negotiation with NHS England, it is important that professional advice is taken by the surgery. Upon receipt of a CMR6 letter confirming the intended notional rent reimbursement for the premises, it is at this stage that the practice will have 3 months to contest the determination.

In the market today, many Practices are seeing a reduction in the level of notional rent reimbursement offered, so it is important to ensure that all avenues to contest the reimbursement level are pursued.

We are experienced in contesting notional rent reviews and have a strong track record of achieving increases for surgeries.

Following the Revised Premises Cost Directions in 2013, the rent review procedure has changed for surgeries who have a third party landlord. Prior to the revised premises cost directions, the PCT would simply agree the revised rent directly with the landlord and the surgery would play no part.

The revised directions, however, state that the surgery must first agree their rent with the landlord before returning back to NHS England to agree the revised level of notional rent.

Therefore, the danger for surgeries is that NHS England will not agree to the revised level of rent agreed with the landlord, leaving surgeries with a short fall to make up themselves.

This is a delicate area for surgeries and one in which we are well placed to assist.

Our fees are purely success related based on any increase achieved.  For information on how we may be able to help you please contact one of the team below.

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